Recommended 18-Point Cell Design for 14.5" EliteQ Mirror at f/4.5

This cell design will provide around 1/50th wave P-V wavefront support. Secondary size is 2.6" (18% obstruction). Measurements are in mm - divide the P-V and RMS error by 0.00055 (the wavelength of green light in mm) for the surface error - the error on the wavefront will be twice as great.

To run your own f/ratio or secondary size use the excellent freeware finite-element modeling program PLOP and start with the model file 14.5f-4.5eq_plop. For most configurations the design shown will be very close.

Accuracy in construction is vital. A well made simpler cell will outperform a poorly made complex cell. All pivots must have zero stiction for proper performance!


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