TScopes POP-14 - Affordable State of the Art

Under all viewing conditions, you'll see more.

This is the simply stated promise that our mirrors deliver every clear night.

But under perfect skies you'll be rewarded with unbelievable images, the kind that stick in your mind forever. Our careful production process ensures optical perfection where it matters most - at your eyepiece.

Are you ready for true twentieth-wave performance in a medium-aperture lightweight Dobsonian, with all the features of the TScopes 14" f/4.7...and more?

  • It goes well beyond the guaranteed .05 wave peak-valley wavefront and 0.99+ typical Strehl ratios.
  • It starts with a 1.25" thick 14" diameter blank of high quality Pyrex™ 7740, precision annealed, machine ground, and optically polished to high precision.
  • It continues with painstaking figuring using slower techniques that maintain exquisite smoothness while the final figure is developed and tested.
  • An optimized Foucault setup crosschecked with star testing ensure each and every serialized 14" POP primary mirror delivers the kind of performance you should expect.
  • And finally it adds a serial numbered quartz secondary from ProtoStar.

Behind performance guarantees stand our continuing efforts to control and perfect every aspect of the production process. Consider that a precision mirror needs to perform on many levels all at once to excel:

  • The overall figure is a low-amplitude function that affects primarily high-frequency detail, and thus the ultimate detail available to the eye.
  • Visible roughness in the polish is a mid-amplitude function. It affects mid-frequency detail the most, casting diffusion much like spiders do.
  • Below visible roughness can exist what's called micro-ripple. It affects low-frequency detail by lowering overall contrast with a hazy veil.

Across the board, for defects of the same peak-valley amplitude, the smaller the scale of the defect the farther it tends to throw light where it shouldn't be. And different quality ratings will be blind to different defects. What we do at Obsidian Optics is simply to get it right, across the board.

Sure, it takes considerable time to produce a mirror of flawless figure and smoothness, but we feel that's time well spent - there are no shortcuts to optical quality of this level.

Available only from TScopes!

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